From gels to crystals™ has both a literal and metaphorical meaning. It's when the cellular bi-lipid membrane changes from a gel like structure to a crystal like structure when altered by cholesterol in its bi-layer, triggered by other factors such as temperature and pH. However, what goes on in that microscopic membrane, also occurs in our macroscopic lives. People have a "structure" that is constantly challenged by external and internal factors that surround and mold them. There is a struggle to maintain our composition, due to the things that might alter us. The title represents the transitions in life and the pictures in this blog reflect an instant in which a transition was made. That's why, in my opinion, no two photographs are the same.
Hi, my name is Marcos Santiago, although this blog is also run by Mannette Maldonado. Born and raised in Puerto Rico. A Pre-Med student. What you will find here is a compilation of the things that influenced my character and took my attention. Some of these still do. Enjoy.
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She’s like a super hero